Experience the Benefits of Massage

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Massage therapy is one of the leading holistic healing techniques for a lot of health conditions. Many people who suffer from chronic pain, mental illness or inflammation often turn to a massage therapist for relief. Quiet River Massage Therapy offers a wide variety of massage treatments that are guaranteed to reduce pain and promote relaxation.

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Promoting wellness through massage

When it comes to muscle, nerve or joint pain, massage therapy is one of the best options for fast pain relief. There are several types of massage that focus on relaxation and healing, including:

  • Swedish massage: Gentle, therapeutic massage used to reduce pain, enhance circulation and relieve stress
  • Myotherapy Massage: Treats pain and inflammation, increasing range of motion, mobility and flexibility
  • AromaTouch therapy: Uses a series of doTERRA essential oils during your gentle massage evoking deep relaxation.



No matter which massage you choose, the treatment will be personalized to focus on your specific problem areas. Contact us at Quiet River Massage Therapy in Bettendorf, IA to learn how our massage therapist can help you; call 563-823-8871.



Swedish / Relaxation

  • 1/2-Hour Massage: $30
  • 1-Hour Massage: $60
  • 1.5-Hour Massage: $90
  • Add Hot Stones to Any Massage: $15

Medical Myotherapy

  • ½-Hour Session $65
  • ½-Hour Session with ½-Hour Relaxation Massage $125
  • ½-Hour Session with 1-Hour Massage $155

AromaTouch Therapy

  • 1 Hour AromaTouch Therapy: $80
  • 2-Hours AromaTouch Therapy: $140

    • 1-Hour Massage with 1-Hour AromaTouch Therapy






Choose a massage therapist you trust

Quiet River Massage Therapy is a family owned massage center dedicated to helping you relax and heal. We utilize multiple therapeutic massage techniques to help you recover from injury, relax after a long day and enhance your quality of life. With over 25 years of experience in the health industry, our certified massage therapist can set you on the right path toward physical and mental healing.